Oak Forest United Methodist Church
Sunday, November 29, 2020
To Know Christ, To Grow in Christ, To Share Christ. All-inclusive, everyone is welcome.

Pastor's Message

Bible Study of Luke and Acts
Luke 9 Part 1
Luke 9 Part 2
Special Edition: Mary Magdalene

Live the OF Life 2020 challenge
1. Pray hard every day
A. Pray for someone (anonymously) in our church
B. Pray for someone in our community
C. Pray for a ministry in our church
D. Pray for your pastor and church leaders
2. Read your Bible everyday for at least 10 minutes
A. Start with a Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John
B. Read a translation that you can understand. Some great suggestions: The Message, The Common English Bible, The Good News Bible
C. If you are tech savvy, download the free Bible app and read on your phone.
3. Give more and trust God
A. Give at least $10 more every week or month- whichever works best
B. Trust God on the front end (give from the top of your earning s) and know that the blessing is coming on the back end. Giving is about our soul work with God more than anything else!
4. Volunteer at church at least 2 hours a month (if you aren’t already doing that!)
A. Pick a ministry that you are interested in and commit to help
B. There are tons of ways! B.E.A.R. Closet- open Mondays 10a-2p; Chicken Pie making every month, greeters and hostesses for Sunday mornings @ 8:25 (we need a lot of help here!), Ushers and greeters for 10:25, join the choir and/or handbells, help with our fundraisers coming up. That’s just a few.
5. Invite someone to church every quarter
A. Be at church when they arrive so they see a friendly face
B. Help them feel welcome and introduce them to other people.
C. Be the connector for them to ministries and opportunities they may be interested.
     It’s an exciting at Oak Forest! It’s a great time to Live the OF Life! I love you all and honored that I get to serve with you.
Peace of Christ, Pastor Julie